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Eureka Public School is known for its lush green campus which is widespread in 3 acres of vast land in the heart of the city. The school’s founding stone was laid in 1989 and with its great experience and glories; the school is flourishing every year.

While starting the institution, Mr. Anil Kaushik, Chairman of the school, had a great vision of providing education to every child of the weaker section of the society. With this aim in mind, the school started its journey with a handful staff of 14 and total strength of 119 students. Keeping the zeal in heart and great support of Mrs. Madhu Kaushik, Principal of the school, in hand, the school has now gained a brilliant strength of 1100 and plus, with a staff support of 60 plus.

To continue the trail of progress, Mr. Kushal Kaushik, manager of the school, is putting his heart and soul to take the school on higher steps of the ladder. The management keeps on interacting with the students to know their requirements and needs. They help the students to boost their morale and to give out best of their abilities in all the areas of their school life.

 The school is well equipped with Science Labs, namely Physics, Chemistry and Biology Lab for Senior Secondary students and a Composite Science lab for Secondary grades. The theory of various laws, rules, theorems and Principles find their better way in these labs where the students see the phenomenon happening and understand in a lot better way rather than learning them from textbooks.

The school is also comprised of a resource room – Library, where students find solutions to every problem.

The security of the students is also the primary focus of the school’s management; therefore, the school campus is under the surveillance of CCTV cameras wherein every move of the students and teachers is minutely observed.

Extra- curricular activities have full space in school’s campus and curriculum. The students are provided with music room and dance room to refine their talents of music and dance with best of the faculty. Basket ball court and football court get their gatherings in the sports period. The sports facilities of the school don’t just find their way outside the school building, indoor sports like chess, billiards, table tennis and many more are provided for the students to have a break from their study classes.

The school promises to provide best of the facilities for students as well as to their staff and is continuously working to better their bests. It is indeed A School with a Difference”.

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Eureka Public School is the product of its celebrated faculty—recognised as scholars, teachers, artists, and innovators.

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