Vision and Mission

As it is rightly said,


Learning is enabling the individual to utilize his/ her potential to its fullest. Without education, the development of the human mind is incomplete.

At Eureka Public School, we provide an environment and curriculum where children can explore and develop every facet of them, enabling them to realize their true potential.

The school’s logo bear 3A’s which motivates the child to get in their lives what they aim for.

ARISE  – Enables the child to emerge or to stand out of the crowd. The students gain such knowledge from the school that it makes their ideas sparkle in the bunch of ordinary thoughts.

AWAKE – Motivates the student to live their dreams which they see while sleeping and boost their morale to make them real.

ACHIEVE – Their motivation to make their dreams real, helps them to achieve their ultimate goal of life.

To achieve these objectives, this unique educational institution seeks to blend the beauty of traditional cultural values with the latest in teaching aids and methodology to optimize learning, open young minds and empower young people to become global citizens who stand tall and live with courage and conviction, carving a niche for them wherever they go.

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Near Kadiawala Hanumanji mandir

Why Eureka Public School

Eureka Public School is the product of its celebrated faculty—recognised as scholars, teachers, artists, and innovators.

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